Aquila Reserve by Sierra Jennings 

The ride to the Aquila Game Reserve was nothing but beautiful. Seeing the clouds intertwine with the mountains gave surreal scenery and made us think about what was up ahead. Arriving to the reserve we were greeted with refreshments and led to a lunch buffet. After getting our room keys and time to our leisure we underwent an evening safari. During this safari we saw two elephants who were 20 and 21 years old. Katryna, a member in our group was in a state of bliss when encountering them. (She Loves Them) These elephants were surrounded by ostriches and the beautiful greenery.

Our next stop led to a “dazzle” of zebra as taught to us by our tour guide when referring to a group of them. These zebras have a good relationship with the wildebeests scattered among them. One is efficient in sight and the other in hearing. There’s no competition on food sources because they don’t eat the same things. The rhinos we passed had a very interesting back story and we were told the epidemic of poaching and rhinos lives being at stake. They are under 24/hour surveillance to cut down on this. 

After, we met up with the lions during the tour. Separated from the other animals that we had just seen, I noticed the difference in stature from the lions inside Lion Park in Joburg. They were beautifully intimidating. 

Proceeding the intense time with the lions and us fearing for our lives for 3 minutes we headed off to an area where we got off the truck and had  champagne while getting as close as possible to the giraffes in the distance. Although the temperature kept decreasing overall the safari was nice and coming back 30 minutes before the dinner buffet was a win as well. 

We woke to an early morning safari seeing some of the same things but with the sunrise attached to it. The meet up with the lions again was interesting. One of them was ready to attack when a guy from another trucks flashed their light while taking a picture. That was then followed by the rehabilitation center talked about previously and then proceeded to head back for breakfast, down time and checkout. 



2 thoughts on “Aquila Reserve by Sierra Jennings 

  1. What a wonderful opportunity–seeing the animals in their natural habitat–or mostly in their natural habitat. Even the best of zoos cannot offer this experience.

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