Building Relationships: Service Learning Week 3 by Cecily Carder

Following a trip that the learners had to Cape Point on Monday, theywere filled with excitement for the rest of the week. My learners have been acting more comfortable around me and I can see the relationships that I am building with my learners as well as the relationships`growing between the other Grand Valley students and their learners. After a week full of multiplication and character building, for short story writing, dancing was a great note to end the week on. The dance lesson was presented by the Social Studies Curriculum Group. Penni and Ari taught a variety of hustles and then the lesson was ended with a huge dance party (including a soul train line). Joyful dancing consumed the room by all of the learners and GVSU students. This lesson brought a nice end to the week.

As the weeks go by, our relationships are growing stronger; I am not looking forward to leaving in the next couple of weeks. I had never imagined that going on this study abroad trip would end with me being so attached to my learners. They have taught me how to be patient and as one of my learners said it, “We are all family here.” I am eager to see what the next couple of weeks at Mannenberg will hold.


2 thoughts on “Building Relationships: Service Learning Week 3 by Cecily Carder

  1. Dancing and joy in the midst of all the hard work you are doing! That is some impressive service learning!

  2. And finding out about relationships between learners and teachers is a great takeaway–although it also makes parting harder.

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