Totsiens / Hamba kahle / Sala kakuhle / GoodbyeBy Casey Wisely

This week marks the last week we attended Manenberg Primary School. Yesterday, we had to say goodbye to our learners and to the place where we have spent three hours a day for the last five weeks.
On Monday, we had the learners share their short stories with one another. We have heard some really great stories this week. One included a superhero that could shoot spaghetti out of his hands, and another was about an bear who stops a robbery by throwing milk tarts at the culprit.
It was really fun to hear the learners share their stories. Many of them would never have been confident in the beginning to read in front of the class. It’s been really awesome to be able to watch that growth. We’re really proud of all the learners.
On Tuesday, we had a discussion about how we use math in real life, and the applications of math in careers. We really wanted the learners to be able to share their big dreams of the future, but focusing on how they might use math in their future. We heard a wonderful business plan about a recreational tower and heard from a future fashion designer.
Wednesday was our very last day at Manenberg. The social studies group arranged the first ever Gemstones Grammy Award ceremony, and the learners spent their day being treated like celebrities and rock stars. Each of the GVSU students created paper plate awards for their learners and presented them at the awards ceremony. The ceremony also included fun commercial breaks where we had activities like a selfie challenge and a challenge to draw Dr. D with their eyes shut. We had a lot of fun.
We also got to hear speeches by the head of the SHAWCO program at Manenberg, and from some of the learners. It got kind of emotional to hear from them how much they’ll miss us and how thankful they are to us for being there.
It was really hard to say goodbye to our learners. It’s hard to know that we won’t be back again tomorrow to see them and hug them and hear their wild stories. Saying goodbye to them means that we’re getting ready to say goodbye to South Africa. It’s a hard realization to come to.


3 thoughts on “Totsiens / Hamba kahle / Sala kakuhle / GoodbyeBy Casey Wisely

  1. The time you are spending with the learners sounds wonderful! No surprise that they are teaching you while you are teaching them. Thanks for posting….

  2. Casey, those projects for the last three days sound outstanding–and I hope some of those portraits of Dr. D make it back to GVSU! You’ve all been so enmeshed it will be hard to not have the learners in your lives each day.

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