The Women,  Gender, & Sexuality Studies program in Cape Town, South Africa combines a strong academic program with service to the community. The program, provided in partnership with the Women’s Center, focuses on women and gender issues in the region and explores global feminist perspectives. Participants examine how issues such as reproductive health, education, violence, political representation and Apartheid have intersected to impact the role of women within various societal and class structures.

The substantial service-learning component is provided through SHAWCO, a non-governmental organization based in Cape Town. SHAWCO has years of experience guiding students in their work with adults and children in one of six local township centers that focus on education, health, social and community issues. This format allows students to move beyond the classroom and become a part of the communities they are studying.

In addition to service learning and academic lectures, students will experience the Cape of Good Hope, Boulders National Park, the District Six Museum, the Iziko Slave Museum, Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned, and an overnight stay at a private game reserve. Students may also tour Soweto and visit the Apartheid Museum, Hector Peterson Memorial and the Nelson Mandela House in Johannesburg.


GVSU at Cape of Good Hope, 2012


GVSU at Cape of Good Hope, 2014


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